Saturday, April 3, 2010

Depression and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

I was first prescribed antidepressant when I was 17 years of age as a way to help me cope with the challenges associated with the progression of DMD. At the time I thought little of the connection between depression and DMD, I was just not happy. My parents noticed my downward spiral before I did. Unbeknownst to me I was losing interest in my friends and things I enjoyed doing such as reading and playing video games. So, it was decided I should seek a solution to the problem at hand. I started taking a medication called Effexor, a mild antidepressant. I felt results immediately with little to no side effects. I felt care free and excited about the renewed possibilities of the human condition. It was smooth sailing until 2002 when I was hospitalized with respiratory failure, which lead to a tracheotomy in May of that year. I was confined to ICU for three months. My second downward spiral began. People were dying around me consistently and the isolation was getting to me. I was put on a higher dose of Effexor and began taking the mood stabilizer and anti-anxiety meds. Getting accustomed to a machine breathing for me was very frightening and panic inducing. I began having panic attacks once I was back home. But those where subsiding as I built up my strength.

Fast forward 6 years to late 2008, I caught pneumonia and was hospitalized again. My anxiety began to sky rocket and I was having full blown panic attacks. Pneumonia makes you extremely weak and makes breathing difficult which just added to my anxiety. As I regained my strength and health, the anxiety ebbed.

In November 2009, I had another major bout of pneumonia. My anxiety was going gang busters and I was mildly sedated most of the time. My doctor got the insane idea to take me off my antidepressant. I suffered horrible withdrawal symptoms which agitated my anxiety and depression. I was quickly put back on a powerful antidepressant med called Celexa. Unfortunately it took 2 weeks to fully begin working. But time passed and I regained my strength. As of now, I’m very happy and everything is going to quite well. My depression and anxiety are well in check.

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